5/27 – Real Madrid are Champions League Winners! EFL Championship Final and MLS Recap

Karius. Loris Karius. We break down why he is the hero for one of us and why he is the bane of the other’s existence (by anti-Madrid bias). We break down the entire Champions League Final, including both incredibly important injuries, tactical breakdown and reaction to all 4 goals.

We also talk about Fulham confirming promotion to the Premier League and all the happenings around a busy weekend in MLS.

Don’t forget about our 1-year Podversary giveaway! Full details are within the pod but your FIFA World Cup Bracket could win some WC-related merch! Use this link – bracketchallenge.fifa.com/bracket/leag…oin/19bf124b – and let us know your username through email (worldfootballtalk2@gmail.com) or Twitter (WFT_Podcast) to be eligible to claim your prize if you win! Unfortunately, this will be confined to just U.S. listeners only due to shipping complications.

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